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fleshy adj
1 usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it [syn: heavy, overweight]
2 of or relating to or resembling flesh [syn: sarcoid] [also: fleshiest, fleshier]

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  1. Of, related to, or resembling flesh.
  2. (Of a person) Having a lot of flesh, especially in one's face. Antonymous to bony. "Fleshy" is not considered pejorative (as fat for example) and is normally used on men.
    His fleshy face makes him look quite handsome.


of, relating to, or resembling flesh
  • Finnish: lihamainen
  • German: fleischig
having a lot of flesh
  • Finnish: täyteläinen, pulska, vanttera, (of a plant)
  • German: fleischig

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